Sunday, May 4, 2008

Keeping track of goals

Since I started blogging only a few short weeks ago, I've been inspired by a number of other bloggers to make some commitments to myself. Mostly they are to do with our family living more simply. Some of the things we had already started. Some others are ones I had thought about but never put into action. Yet others are completely new ideas to me.

While it's great to have all these plans and ideas, I need to be able to keep track of them and to be accountable for achieving them, otherwise they'll disappear into the “Oh yeah, I was going to do that” pile. So I'm pinching an idea I saw on Being Frugal and will post a monthly progress report. Here are the goals I've set so far that I'll be tracking.

Feel free to give me a nudge if I begin to slide (which is quite likely - I'm very good at starting, not so good at finishing).

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lightening said...

They sound like excellent goals to me. I look forward to reading some progress updates. I think blogging about this kind of thing can really help for staying on track. And if you do find yourself going offtrack a little, just jump back on again. Remember, that financial changes (like losing weight) are more about making small but lasting changes rather than going all "drastic" and not being able to sustain them. :)