Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reducing the grocery bill - week 2

I have been feeling disheartened with my grocery bill reduction progress. Last week we spent $215. It's a bit odd, because I thought with being away for the weekend we would spend less. Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh, as we did cater for an improptu family picnic on Saturday. The fact it wasn't planned meant that we bought premade goodies, rather than cooking/making them from scratch.

I've been through my receipts to see where it all went. Here's what I found happened at the supermarket and what I plan to do to keep things in check in future:

  • The improptu picnic cost $25
    Fix: Perhaps suggest an afternoon trip, rather than a lunchtime outing. It's nice to do this sort of thing every now and then though, so I'm not going to be hard on myself about this one.
  • $6 on muffin mixes
    Fix: Muffins are soooo easy to make - why use a mix. No more cake or muffin mixes!
  • $6.30 on juice
    Fix: Oranges are quite cheap at the moment. I'm going to make our own juice instead. I'm sure if I search hard enough in the back of the cupboard I'll even be able to find a juicer attachment to the food processor.
  • $24 on batteries!!
    Fix: The Engineer will no longer have free access to batteries for his toys. They will be kept in a safe place and will be rationed out by The Thinker or myself.
  • $1.89 on sultana snack packs
    Fix: This works out to more than twice the cost per kg of a large bag of sultanas. No more dinky sultana boxes - we'll package our own.
  • $13 on yoghurt
    Fix: Have a go at making at least some of our weekly yoghurt supply myself.

So there I have at least $50 saved. Of course, I don't buy all of these things each week. Typically, though, something else would be substituted for one of the above items. I haven't had a serious look at the fruit & veg or butcher's receipts at this stage. Slow & steady!

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Anonymous said...

I so agree on the sultana packs. They seem so handy but it's pretty hard to justify paying twice as much, I think.

With the batteries, I seriously recommend investing in a battery charger. It's made a huge difference for me.